We work closely with our customers to help them make just about anything.

Our labs in NYC & London offer high quality laser cutting, engraving, 3d printing, and creative design services at affordable prices. 



FABBERZ Gift Cards: Perfect for Anyone Creative!
from 25.00

Give the Gift of Creativity...

With a FABBERZ gift card! 

Gift cards can be used for all FABBERZ products & services at our lab in New York City. Gift cards never expire and are non-refundable.

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FABpass Laser Cutting & Engraving Packages

A FABpass is a package of laser minutes which can be used over the course of 1 year from the date of purchase. We offer 4 FABpass package sizes (1, 5, 10, & 20 hours). The larger the FABpass, the more economical the minutes work out to be!

Minutes used for an order are simply deducted from your account, leaving you with a balance which can be used on future projects.

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FABmember - $7.99/month

For just $7.99 per month, become a member and keep your laser minutes from ever expiring!

As a FABmember, you will enjoy a 20% discount on all FABpass laser minute packages. Your laser minutes will never expire* and you can keep on MAKING. It's as simple as that. Cancel your subscription at anytime, online. 

*Minutes expire once you cancel your FABmembership


To celebrate "May the 4th be with you" day, WIRED brought their film crew to our lab to see how stormtroopers would fare against our lasers.

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