Laser Cutting, Sponsored Clients

Storey by Reina Imagawa

Storey is a project FAbberz lab had the pleasure of engineering with Columbia University Student Reina Imagawa and SCH+ ARC Studios.


The concept of the project aimed at K-12 Students is to help students “design and created their own stories for relations and comfort in school ”STOREY Books allow students a platform and safe haven of knowledge, imagination and confidence so they can stop hiding and thrive emotionally and physically.

FABberz laser cut pages allow students to store items that will assist them in their development of spacial creativity while being entertains and educated by the articles contained inside. Storey's Ultimate Goal is student liberation from old ideas and hiding places and challenging them to create new experiences within the knowledge and comfort of self.


FABberz celebrates the creativity and mastery of our clients and we are excited to be apart of a project that helps children discover and develop talents within. 

Photo Credit: SCH + ARC Studio