FABmember - $7.99/month

7.99 every month

For just $7.99 per month, become a member and keep your laser minutes from ever expiring!

As a FABmember, you will enjoy a 20% discount on all FABpass laser minute packages. Your laser minutes will never expire* and you can keep on MAKING. It's as simple as that. Cancel your subscription at anytime, online. 

*Minutes expire once you cancel your FABmembership


Additional Info

The FABmember subscription is ideal for anyone who would like to have access to our great FABpass laser minutes rates, without having to worry about expiration dates.

Waves of Creativity:  Our team is creative, just like you. We are a hodgepodge of architects, artists, product designers, musicians, software developers, and even film makers. We understand and appreciate that creativity and comes in waves. Those glorious "Aha" moments can come at any moment, and as we all know, they tend to be sporadic.

As a FABmember, you can embrace this creative ebb and flow and rest assured that as soon as an idea comes to mind, you will have active laser minutes on your FABpass, allowing you to jump right in and and start making.

FABmembers get a 20% discount on all laser cutting FABpass packages, making account refills more affordable than ever!

  • 1-Hour FABpass: 60 minutes for $79.20 ($1.32 per minute)

  • 5-Hour FABpass: 300 minutes for $239.20 ($0.79 per minute)

  • 10-Hour FABpass: 600 minutes for $399.20 ($0.66 per minute)

  • 20-Hour FABpass: 1,200 minutes for $639.20 ($0.53 per minute)