Client Spotlight: Artist FILFURY aka Phil Robson

British artist FILFURY is known worldwide for his creative and thought provoking pieces. FABBERZ London had the opportunity to assist FILFURY in the creation of one of his projects that went on to be exhibited in Paris, France. We discussed the motivations and goals behind FILFURY'S work in the interview below.


BB:  How would you describe your latest collection?

Filfury: _The latest work I had created with FABBERZ was actually a re-launch of some work I created back in 2008. It's a series of laser cut wooden typography pieces based on slang/buzz words. From words such as Safe! Word! Dope! to Love! and Peace! Words I would use everyday, loudly. The series is called Loudmouth! Inspired by comic iconography and expressing yourself with a volume.

BB:  How would you describe your style?

Filfury: _Bold. I love creating art that smack you in the face. Makes you think and smile at the same time. I work both digitally and with sculpture, from creating artworks with my favorite sneakers to crafting large installation work.

BB:  Where do you get your inspiration from as an artist?

Filfury: _Life. From the things and people around me. Music, fashion, nature and people.

BB:  When did you first discover your creative side?

Filfury: _At school. When at the back of class doodling away whilst paying not attention to the subject being taught. 


BB:  Where are you currently displaying your latest work?

Filfury: _The current wooden laser cuts were on display in France. However I'm planning a new exhibition in the summer which will be based in East London, I'll send you an invite :)

BB:  Describe what kind of art lovers your latest collection would attract?

Filfury: _Hypebeasts, sneaker lovers, grime and hip-hop heads. People who love contemporary art with a street twist to it I guess.

BB:  What galleries globally have you collaborated and showcased with in the past?

Filfury: _I've exhibited my work in Amsterdam, New York, Brazil and Miami. New York was at Wallplay gallery, Brazil was with Adidas for the World Cup 2014. Some cool places, looking forward to more.

BB:  How do you see a business like FABBERZ evolving in the future to serve artists such as yourself? 

Filfury: _I think FABBERZ is already in a good place to help artists like myself. I guess I'd just like to know more, how I could influence my art from the conception knowing the limitations of the process, or more so - the possibilities of the process. 

BB:  Where do you see your work in 5 years?

Filfury: _On more walls. In more places. ;) Bigger, more exciting, more creative.

BB:  Whats the best part of the next thing you are doing?

Filfury: _The unknown. The excitement. I'm planning big new things, change of work style, new mediums, new exhibitions… the journey is what is exciting as I don't know whats going to happen!

Check out more work at filfury.com!