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Digi-Fabrication, Laser Cutting

Floral steel works of Tord Boontje


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Tord Boontje - Petit Jardin Bench and "Wednesday Lights" Garland lighting

Tord Boontje is an industrial designer who has created a variety of products from textiles, furniture, lighting, to installations. His work  is "known to temper edges with softness, borrowing inspiration from nature, and employ a decor of forms and layers to engage and entice with the observer's imagination and emotions." Tord Boontje Studio www.tordboontje.com

The Petit Jardin Bench is made of laser-cut steel, zinc and powder coated, suitable for outdoor use, bent and fixed together creating a bench that gives off a garden-like feel. The Bench is a a limited piece produced exclusively by the artist. Image: www.mossonline.com

Wednesday Lights  is a laser-cut stainless steel that is wrapped around a pendant light fixture. Image: www.bmgallery.co.uk