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LEARN + DESIGN + MAKE /// Workshops + Classes!

FABberz is happy to announce the launch of a new workshop series aimed at teaching digital design methods and translating them into physical, fabricated objects.  The first 4 workshops scheduled for Spring 2011 will be weekend workshops (Saturday + Sunday) with optional 1 day Rhino Introduction Courses the Friday before each scheduled workshop. Register Here

Poster PDF: learn+design+make

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Open Source Laser Cutting

It was destined to happen... someone had to eventually make the leap in laser cutting that MakerBot made for 3d printing and DIYLILCNC made for CNC Milling: bring laser cutters into people's homes by making them affordable and open source.  It seems that nortd labs - a research and development studio founded in New York City - has set out to do just that with their open source laser cutting project "Lasersaur".  The project became a reality on July 8th, 2010, when it was successfully (over)funded on Kickstarter.

The project idea is described on the their Kickstarter site as simply being: "Design a laser cutter and make the building process repeatable for others".

Their mission statement is outlined at as being: "Within one year we hope to provide a cheap, safe, and highly-capable machine that will increase the proliferation of laser cutters and make a significant contribution to the personal fabrication movement. As part of this movement we hope to simplify the creation and sharing (building instructions thereof) of tangible objects. We hope to help make open source hardware mainstream."

FABberz wishes nortd labs the best of luck with Lasersaur - the project will indeed be a major contribution to the world of personal and distributed fabrication!

3d Printing


Start the 3D printer revolution from your desktop ROBOTS THAT MAKE THINGS_And How sharing is the best way to run a bussiness and your life

This desktop DIY machine allows people to establish a new level of design communication by making 3d printing affordable and accessible to all.

The possibility of making ideas come true and transforming digital designs into physical ones, gives designers and other interested parties a great tool to start making things.

MakerBot is completly open source - all plans and software.  Check out more at

We are really happy to see that there are initiatives like this.  Thanks guys for your contribution and congratulations!


Open Source [OS]


[youtube=] FABberz is pleased to announce the BETA launch of its site,  FABberz is an online web platform which lets artists and designers physically test and sell their digital fabrication design ideas.  For the BETA release, designers will be able to upload and order laser cut designs.  Other fabrication methods such as CNC Milling and 3d Printing can be uploaded to share with others, however they cannot yet be fabricated... coming soon!

Students and professional designers alike are encouraged to become a FABber today and open up your creativity to world. Today you can begin testing designs that are still in the ideas realm, and begin selling products that are ready to be fabricated!  The learn more or to become a FABber, visit


FABberz tiene el placer de anunciar el lanzamiento en version BETA de su página web, FABberz es una plataforma web que permite a artistas y diseñadores testear físiscamente sus diseños y comercializar sus proyectos e ideas. Para la versión BETA, los diseñadores podrán subir sus diseños y fabricarlos usando una cortadora laser.Otros diseños para los que se precisan otros tipos de máquinas de control numérico, como serían las fresadoras y la tecnología de impresión en 3d, pueden subirse también para compartir con el resto de la comunidad FABberz, aunque dichos diseños no podrán fabricarse todavía...esperamos poder añadir este servicio lo más pronto posible!

Animamos tanto a estudiantes como diseñadores profesionales a convertirse en un FABber hoy mismo y abrir sus diseños e ideas al mundo. Puedes empezar a probar tus diseños que están aún en proceso y empezar a comercializar los productos que están ya listos para ser fabricados! Si quieres saber más sobre como convertirte en un FABberz y unirte a nuestra comunidad , puedes encontrarnos en .

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self potrait of DIY LILCNC made with a ballpoint pen attachment

Milling Sample: Hardwood

Milling Sample: Foam

DIY LILCNC is an open source set of plans and instructions to build a DIY fully functional CNC milling machine for the price of $700. Made of laser cut MDF pieces, 3 motors, a dremel, circuit boards, and local parts from McMaster Carr, it is possible for anyone with the resources to build their own DIY LILCNC.

CNC devices are used to fabricate physical objects with a high degree of precision. Some CNC devices, including the DIYLILCNC, feature a gantry-mounted cutting tool (like a router) that can move in two or more directions. The operation of the tool is controlled by a computer, which is tasked with translating a digital design into actual tool movement

Created by Chris Reilly and Taylor Hokanson, two Chicago based artists who also teach at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Plans and instructions for building the DIYLILCNC are distributed freely and intended for wide distribution and modification with few restrictions. The plans are formatted to facilitate easy fabrication, especially for beginners. The DIYLILCNC can be built by an individual, a student group, or a class. Besides being immensely fun, building the DIY LIL CNC is a great way to learn about motion control and CAD/CAM/CAE.

The plans and instructions can be found on their site:

FABing Fashion, Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Dresses is the new Fad!

manferdini_1 manferdini_2



Elena Manferdini's collection of intricate laser cut fabric made into elaborate dresses that conceal and reveal the body. The garments are digitally produced and laser cut and assembled through different types of textile fabrics, it is described as " a built shelter for the body".

Elena is a trained civil engineer and architect who creates and uses various intricate patterning in fashion design, product design as well as architectural design.

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