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Aerated Chairs

0tofuchair The Tofu Chair by Yu-Ying Wu

The chair looks like a large block a tofu surrounded with various sized perforations. The placement of the perforations are carefully calculated with the large triangles at the top-front-center to create an armchair-like shape when compressed by the human body. The chair is made of high density foam that is Environmentally friendly and conforms and adjusts to any body weight or posture of the person sitting on it.  The chair is inspired by plant cells and has won the Red Dot Design Award.


SuperFoam Chair by Rich Gilbert

SuperFoam is a re-creation of naturally occurring reticulated foam structures through a casting process that facilitates designing the properties of the foam itself. By developing the casting process the properties of the foam could be controlled so the chair flexed and deformed to create a supportive structure.

Video of Casting Process :

[vimeo w=500&h=300]