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Open Source Laser Cutting

It was destined to happen... someone had to eventually make the leap in laser cutting that MakerBot made for 3d printing and DIYLILCNC made for CNC Milling: bring laser cutters into people's homes by making them affordable and open source.  It seems that nortd labs - a research and development studio founded in New York City - has set out to do just that with their open source laser cutting project "Lasersaur".  The project became a reality on July 8th, 2010, when it was successfully (over)funded on Kickstarter.

The project idea is described on the their Kickstarter site as simply being: "Design a laser cutter and make the building process repeatable for others".

Their mission statement is outlined at as being: "Within one year we hope to provide a cheap, safe, and highly-capable machine that will increase the proliferation of laser cutters and make a significant contribution to the personal fabrication movement. As part of this movement we hope to simplify the creation and sharing (building instructions thereof) of tangible objects. We hope to help make open source hardware mainstream."

FABberz wishes nortd labs the best of luck with Lasersaur - the project will indeed be a major contribution to the world of personal and distributed fabrication!