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FABBERZ at Inside 3D Printing, New York

Our team took turns to head a few blocks away to check out the 3D Print expo at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City. The print show highlighted the emerging industry of 3D Printing and showcased many up and coming companies and organizations who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality. Check out a few of our favorite items at the Expo.

3d Printing


Start the 3D printer revolution from your desktop ROBOTS THAT MAKE THINGS_And How sharing is the best way to run a bussiness and your life

This desktop DIY machine allows people to establish a new level of design communication by making 3d printing affordable and accessible to all.

The possibility of making ideas come true and transforming digital designs into physical ones, gives designers and other interested parties a great tool to start making things.

MakerBot is completly open source - all plans and software.  Check out more at www.makerbot.com.

We are really happy to see that there are initiatives like this.  Thanks guys for your contribution and congratulations!


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Softbones by Raquel Gallego and Pablo Rica case


Softbones is an envelope for 4 pencils produced in 3D Printing (Rapid Prototyping). The envelope can be placed vertical or horizontal, laying like a soft bag. An Voronoi grid is the structure on the outside skin. The inner rings -placing the four pencils- are attached to the envelope. The pencils fall into the bag until they hit the cross structure in the bottom.

The horizontal sections are produce by rotating one inicial geometry.Those sections have been lofted and the result of that is the geometry that it is shown in the left corner on bottom. The net is a voronoi grid made of a gradient field of points, more dense in the bottom and lighter on the top.

> Download Booklet Softcase.pdf [4mb]