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FABBERZ at Inside 3D Printing, New York

Our team took turns to head a few blocks away to check out the 3D Print expo at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City. The print show highlighted the emerging industry of 3D Printing and showcased many up and coming companies and organizations who are pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality. Check out a few of our favorite items at the Expo.


Robotic arms @ Trafalgar Square

Visitors to Trafalgar Square (and especially late night club-goers on their way home) saw a pretty interesting sight this weekend plopped in the middle of T-Square: robotic arms that use bright lights to spell out messages created by members of the public.

* The eight robots are an art installation, created as part of the London Design Festival, which starts on Saturday and runs for nine days throughout the capital.

Designed by Reed Kram and Clemens Weisshaar, the installation - called Outrace - will let members of the public control the robotic arms to spell out messages they submit via the Outrace website.

The messages are written by the robots - which have been borrowed from an Audi car factory - using lights (and in a typeface specially designed by London typographer Khashayar Naimanan).

Visitors to Trafalgar Sqare won't see much in the way of comprehensible messages, in any case - they'll just see a load of robots waving lights around. The messages only become apparent on videos shot from around the robot's platform, which are then displayed on the project's website for people to view.

Outrace will run until September 23, so you've still got time to submit your message - which is limited to the half-tweet length of 70 characters. *

Now if only these robots could be put to use as an architectural production line... see: Brick Laying Robotic Arm





Pike Loop – Robot Built Brick Wall in NYC

Pike Loop, a Robot-Built Installation in NYCSep 30 2009 - Nov 14 2009

Completed Installation on display until early January

Location: Pike Street between Division Street and East Broadway (map) Digital Materiality exhibition at Storefront: On show until November 14

In September 2009, Storefront for Art and Architecture will inaugurate an exhibition of the work of Swiss architects Gramazio & Kohler, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, ETH Zurich and, in conjunction with NYC Department of Transportation’s Urban Art Program, Storefront will present the first architecture project to be digitally fabricated on site, at 1:1 scale, in the US.

Developed through their research at ETH Zürich Faculty of Architecture, Gramazio & Kohler's work explores highly complex architectural artifacts, built by industrial robots typically used to assemble automobiles and perform other high-precision tasks. The accuracy, strength and speed of these robots allow them to fabricate architectural forms of unprecedented complexity and intricacy.

Gramazio & Kohler's work represents the cutting edge of innovation in the field of digital fabrication in architecture. For many years architects have relied on digital manufacturing processes such as CNC milling or 3D printing as a tool for formal research at model-scale. For the first time, Gramazio & Kohler’s work explores the potential of mobile digital fabrication techniques that can fabricate at 1:1 scale on site.

Positioned on the central mall on Pike Street, the robot will work for up to four weeks - in full view of the public - to construct a brick wall, a highly sculptural response to the specific identity of the site. For the Pike Loop installation, more than seven thousand bricks aggregate to form an infinite loop that weaves along the pedestrian island. In changing rhythms the loop lifts off the ground and intersects itself at its peaks.

The exhibition at Storefront Gallery will present the results of Gramazio & Kohler’s ongoing research into digital fabrication in architecture at ETH Zurich Faculty of Architecture. The same robot, R-O-B, unit recently built the award-winning installation, Structural Oscillations, at the 2008 architectural biennial in Venice.

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