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Degrees of Freedom

The telescopic joint structure that we developed allows for an overall increase in size of 200%.  This number can be augmented by adding overlapping members, creating an antenna-like mechanism.  After the development of two Grasshopper definitions which entail the length change of mass amounts of curves, the idea of creating a physical testing model arose.  We chose to concentrate on the physical development of the phylotaxis definition.  The ¨digital¨phylotaxis allows for a free range of movement in twenty different positions.  When we translated this into the physical realm, the most important aim was to demonstrate the ability of the structure to both change in size and collapse in on itself.  The model, which was constructed with acrylic rods and silicon tubing, can be seen in both the videos and images below.  The use of silicon joints between each telescope allowed us to maintain a large degree of flexibility, while at the same time securing the structure as a whole.degrees of freedom


grasshopper definition